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Verosol is leading in metallised fabric solutions

Verosol metallised fabrics can reflect up to 85% of the sun's rays and prevent diffuse light transmission, while preserving the view. This makes the metallised interior blinds very effective in preventing heat and glare problems, while preserving your view.

The highly reflective metallised backing provides effective insulation to windows, significantly reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Verosol products create thermal comfort and visual comfort in the same product, regardless the chosen colour.

The benefits of Verosol

Geen hinderlijke schittering

No annoying glare – an excellent view on your screen


Sustainable – reduced CO2 emissions

Koel tijdens het zomers

Cool during hot summers – the fabric reflects heat, keeping the interior cool

Privacy en uitzicht

Privacy and view through – beautiful view without compromising privacy

The benefits of metallised blinds

Sun and heat protection during summer

Verosol metallised fabrics are the solution for those interiors where it can become uncomfortably warm during summer. Sunlight enters through large windows and the indoor temperature quickly rises. The reflective metallised fabrics from Verosol reflect up to 85% of the sunlight, keeping heat outside and enjoying a pleasantly cool interior during those hot summer months.

Aluminium layer on the fabric reflects sunlight
Heat stays outside
Enjoying a cool indoor climate during summer

Insulating during winter

While Verosol blocks heat in the summer, the metallised fabric keeps the warmth inside in the winter. In cold weather, a lot of heat is generally wasted through the windows, even in modern buildings with high performance glazing.

The metallised fabric emits little heat. The effect of the metallised fabric is comparable to that of a thermos flask: the aluminium layer in the flask ensures that the contents stay warm. This is exactly what Verosol fabrics do in the winter. The aluminium layer that reflects sunlight in the summer keeps the warmth inside in the winter.

A great advantage of the heat-reflective and insulating effect of Verosol is that it saves a lot of energy. Studies show that this can result in annual savings of up to 25% on energy costs. 

Save up to 25% on energy costs per year
The aluminium layer has an insulating effect
The warmth stays inside

Increasing privacy while maintaining a view through

The third distinctive advantage of Verosol is that during the day, there is no inward visibility, while you remain able to look outside. This is caused by the reflective aluminium layer: the metal side blocks the view through whilst you can still look outside. The metallised yarns block diffused light, so even with an openness factor of 2%, the view through is still outstanding.