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Create thermal and visual comfort with our metallised fabrics

Window coverings are an important element in every interior. Verosol metallised fabrics provide high comfort whilst living and working. Metallised blinds ensure that the interior remains cool in the summer and pleasantly warm during the winter. The metallised layer keeps blinding sunlight out, while the view and sufficient daylight can still be enjoyed.

The basis for our sustainable products is the unique metallised fabric with heat-resistant, insulating and view through properties.

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With Verosol metallised fabrics, you opt for comfort. And for a product manufactured in the Netherlands. Verosol metallised fabrics not only offer comfort and insulation, but also ensure considerable energy savings by reducing the need for air conditioning and heating. This results in savings of up to 25%.

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Verosol blocks glare

Glare or reflections on screens are caused by too much light. The Verosol metallised fabrics filter the light, allowing you to continue to look at your screen without compromising on the view outside.

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Sustainability and innovations

Ever increasing legislation and regulation within the building envelope regularly result in a compromise in design, however ultra-high performance metallised fabrics from Verosol reverse this trend. We can provide the most energy efficient metallised fabrics for internal blinds, with glare control and UV protection regardless of face colour, up to 85% solar reflectance in fact. Metallised fabrics by Verosol, occupant comfort matched with energy savings, the perfect combination.

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