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Verosol is well-known as the specialist in designing and manufacturing technically superior fabrics for internal blinds, and our Verosol Expert Centre can play an important role in the design phase of a project. We are able to create custom-made reports of the impact our shades will have against specific glazing, within the building model. We do this at Verosol's Expert Centre, where we aim to create ever more sustainable advantage and superior value.

By engaging with design teams at the earliest possible stage, Verosol can maximise the impact of the shading system. We assist architects, consultants and façade engineers to create the optimal combination of shade with glazing. Our aim is to consistently maximise natural light without creating thermal or visual discomfort. Put simply, minimise energy cost for the building without compromising occupant comfort.

Combination of glass and internal blinds is key

In the early stage of the design process, we look at the demands and requirements of controlling solar irradiation (light and heat) and thermal insulation. Transparency of glass is recognised by architects and other stake holders for façade aesthetics and to improve the well-being of occupants. Glass substrates, coating types and their positions have a significant impact on the interaction between glass and blinds. All these requirements and needs are taken into account when we advise the type of glazing and coating used, in combination with the right internal blinds to achieve the required energy performance. Verosol can also assess climate facades integrated with our blinds, with various ventilation volumes that can be taken into consideration. The combination of glass and internal blinds is key to achieving the desired performance. It is important that the architect, building consultants, contractors and façade manufacturers know about the choices they can make. Verosol will continue to push boundaries in order to deliver even better energy performance and create even better living and working environments. Verosol is an expert centre for high performance functional solar shading in the built environment.

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