The sub-objectives of the project are:

–       High-quality processing of waste streams into usable fibres for the development into interior fabrics;

–       Continuous development of yarns based on high quality recycled polyester;

–       The development of sustainable and circular end products for the interior fabric sector:

Besides Verosol, the other participants in this project are: Coulisse BV, Gaudium BV, Stichting Texperium and Gebr. Van der Geest BV. The SureMade project is subsidised by the European Regional Development Fund.

Verosol helps to create a more sustainable environment

"Creating a Better Environment" is an important part of our DNA and minimizing our impact on the environment is a logical extension of our mission; to create sustainable environments in which people can live and work comfortably. Since Verosol was founded in 1965, this mission has been at the heart of all our activities. From the very beginning, our products have been designed to contribute to significant energy savings and a comfortable indoor climate.

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