The story of Verosol

It's 1963 when Cornelis Verolme, the famous Dutch shipbuilder, enters the port of New York. He marvels at the impressive skyline and wonders how difficult it must be to keep the indoor climate of the immense glass skyscrapers manageable.

Cornelis remains fascinated by the issue and experiments tirelessly with many ideas and concepts. In 1965, he comes up with the solution: when an ultra-thin layer of aluminium is applied to a fabric, it causes the perfect reflection of sunlight. He developed a unique process for applying a microscopically thin layer of aluminium to fabrics. This laid the foundation for the Verosol company.

Over the years, we have continued to improve the technique of metallisation and continue to lead the way in the development of metallised fabrics with unparalleled performance and excellent quality. This allows us to offer you the most comfortable indoor climate all year round.

Innovative fabrics

The vision of Cornelis: Window coverings made from metallised fabrics can effectively regulate heat and light. This makes it possible to save on energy costs and to create a comfortable indoor climate, both in summer and winter.

His legendary words:

"It feels like sitting in the shadow of a tree"

Cornelis Verolme - 1965
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Verosol and Kvadrat

Since 2019, Verosol has been part of Kvadrat, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality design fabrics. Kvadrat has almost 1,000 employees worldwide. The acquisition strengthens Verosol's position in the market for technical sun protection fabrics and will increase the added value and awareness of high performance metallised indoor sun protection.

Kvadrat was established in Denmark in 1968 and has deep roots in the world-renowned design tradition of Scandinavia. A leader in design innovation, Kvadrat produces high-quality designer fabrics, carpets, window coverings and acoustic solutions for both commercial and residential interiors around the world.

Kvadrat's products reflect dedication to colour, quality, simplicity and innovation. Kvadrat continuously promotes the aesthetic, technological and functional properties of fabrics. In doing so, they collaborate with leading designers, architects and artists, including: Patricia Urquiola, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Margrethe Odgaard, Alfredo Häberli, Doshi Levien, Giulio Ridolfo, Peter Saville, Pipilotti Rist, Thomas Demand and Olafur Eliasson.

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