Highest reflectivity for ultimate visual and thermal comfort

At Shoprite in Fairbridge Mall in Cape Town, South Africa, our partner Varilux installed Verosol High Performance roller blinds with 85% solar reflection, throughout Shoprite, Fairbridge Mall.

Shoprite - Checkers Fairbridge Mall


Cape Town, South Africa


  • 202 SilverScreen 2%

The client opted for SilverScreen 202 with a 2% openness factor. This fabric guarantees the best heat protection and provides a spectacular performance in solar control while maintaining excellent view to the outside world. 
In summer, the reflective aluminium layer on the SilverScreen fabric keeps the heat out, and prevents heat loss in winter. The aluminium layer is like a low-E coating, which results in extremely low radiant power. This leads to significant savings in energy costs (air conditioning and heating) and reduced CO2 emissions.

Thanks to the latest FourC automation technology, the blinds are fully automated, sun sensed and self-sufficient charging with their own solar panels.

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