A LEED Gold-certified building in Germany

One of Germany's first Leed Gold certified buildings, designed to consume 23% less energy, required high performance indoor solar shading.



Frankfurt am Main, Germany


  • 202 SilverScreen 2%

The building

The Opernturm consists of a 42-storey, 170 m (557 ft.) tower, a 7-storey, 26 m (85 ft.) podium building facing towards Alte Oper (opera house). Access is through an 18 m (59 ft.) high lobby. The yellow-beige stone cladding of the facades was designed to fit in with the existing buildings surrounding Opern platz. Designed to consume 23% less energy than stipulated by Germany's 2007 EnEV Energy Regulation, the Opernturm was one of the first office buildings in Europe to be certified to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard (source: Wikipedia).

The requirement

The office building required a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for the people working inside. This meant an excellent visual and thermal quality according to the directives for workstations and solar shading requirements. The design of the building made it impossible to use outside solar shading solutions.

The solution

In order to reach the required standards; 2500 roller blinds (motorised and manual) with Verosol SilverScreen fabric have been installed.

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