A sustainable solution to the sun and the brutal Australian weather conditions

The Barangaroo Tower 3 is considered as Australia’s building of the decade. At 168 meters (551 ft.) tall and 39 levels, Tower 3 offers the ultimate, flexible and modern workspaces. The amazing glass facade required a sustainable solution for solar control and its impact on the temperature inside the building during the harsh Australian weather conditions.

Barangaroo Tower 3


Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners and Lendlease


Sydney, Australia




  • 205 SilverScreen 4%

The building

The Barangaroo Towers were designed by architectural firm Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners and Lendlease, in 2010. Barangaroo is Australia’s premier commercial hub for the Asia Pacific region, located in the heart of Sydney harbour. The first in Australia to set the new benchmark for sustainable building materials, Barangaroo Tower 3 had achieved the highest green star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). ‘Typically, building projects require more than one round of assessment to achieve a Green Star rating’. However, Barangaroo Tower 3 was fortunate to receive this award on the first assessment at the International Tower Sydney (ITS) (Barangaroo South, 2017).

The requirement

Tough weather conditions such as the harsh Australian sun rays will affect this building, especially as it is 39 levels constructed with glass facade on all levels. This will pose a challenge regarding room temperature and energy efficiency.

The solution

Complying to the awarded Green star rating, Tower 3 must continue this sustainable act for the remainder completing stage of this building. To meet this standard, Verosol’s Silverscreen 4% fabric was introduced to Tower 3. Manufactured with a thermal and reflective Aluminium backing, Silverscreen 4% was specified due to its high solar reflectance achieving an impressive 76% - 78% outside reflection. This makes it highly sustainable, flame retardant and very energy efficient.

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