Easily calculate the energy saving potential of internal blinds

The factor sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the world of construction. What many people do not realise is that internal blinds can play an important role in making a building more sustainable, both in summer and winter. Thanks to Verosol's new savings indicator, it is now easy to calculate the energy savings potential of indoor sun protection.


  • 6 February 2022

Verosol, is an expert in indoor sun protection and a leader in metallised fabrics. Verosol has an enormous range of screens and blinds that provide heat, insulation and create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to the extensive range, high-quality products that Verosol develops and manufactures in-house, it is also a reliable partner and advisor for its clients. The manufacturer recently developed a unique savings indicator, which allows a preselection to be made based on sustainability. The climate and regulations are changing and with them the requirements and wishes for indoor sun protection are also changing.

Savings indicator 

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it is usefull to gain insight into the energy savings that can be achieved by using certain sun blinds during the design phase. Especially since metallised internal sun blinds may be included in the BENG calculation. The savings indicator has been developed to give an early indication of the energy saving potential of the Verosol indoor sun protection they want to choose from. The savings indicator is not only a usefull tool for architects, but also for other parties who would like to become more sustainable.

Savings indicator Verosol