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Kvadrat, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality designer fabrics, has acquired the Verosol Group. With the acquisition of Verosol, Kvadrat gains a strong position in the market for technical sun protection fabrics. Verosol is the global specialist in the design and manufacture of functional fabrics for indoor sun protection.


  • 6 February 2019

With the takeover of Verosol, Kvadrat is creating a strong foothold in the market of high-performance textiles. Verosol, is the global specialist in design and manufacturing of functional indoor solar shading fabrics and blinds. Founded in 1965 in The Netherlands, Verosol is the inventor of metallised textiles and pleated blinds.

Its innovative products offer the highest performance in heat and daylight control while maintaining the outside view, this to create a more sustainable building environment.

 Anders Byriel, CEO Kvadrat: “Verosol and Kvadrat share the same vision of pushing the technological and aesthetic boundaries in textile design. The company has always been on the forefront of innovation. Being the world leader in aluminium backed textiles, Verosol has an incredible wealth of knowledge and research about using textiles to control temperature, light and to save energy. With Verosol joining the family we get access to critical technology and will help us to create a strong foothold in the roller blind market.”

For Verosol’s licencees and existing global network of distribution partners the focus remains unchanged.
With this new collaboration both companies are convinced that they will increase the awareness of the benefits of metallised fabrics on a global scale.