Verosol Savings report

Verosol’s metallised fabrics stand out for their exceptional reflection and visual comfort. These fabrics ensure daytime privacy without compromising the outdoor view, eliminate glare, and contribute to a easily controllable indoor climate.

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it is useful at the designstage, to gain insight into the energy savings that can be achieved by using certain blind systems.

With the Verosol Savings Indicator tool, architects and façade builders are able to get an early indication of the energy-saving potential of Verosol metallised fabrics in combination with the choice of glazing.

Textile and colour:
Solar Reflection: %
Openness Factor: %


Facade orientation and windows:


Your total annual savings


Annual savings on CO2

Total savings on electricity:

Savings on solar heat gain:
g-Value glass:

Savings on thermal heat gain and loss:
U-Value glass: m²K
Utot-Value: m²K

How we calculate energy savings?

The calculations above* are based on annual solar irradiations and thermal heat flow through the fenestration. Local meteorological data and cost of electricity and gas are based on annual
averages. Savings in money are based on current gas and electricity prices of the chosen location. The energy tariff that was used to come up with the above calculations is shown below.

*Insulation and solar heat gain calculations are performed in WIS 3.0.1.SP2 in compliance with EN-ISO 52022-3


Electricity price:
per kWh