Roller Blinds

QS60 Standard
QS61 Standard with mounting profile
QS62 Cassette
QS80 Standard
QS81 Standard with mounting profile
QS82 Cassette
QS83 Multi
QS84 Multi Cassette
R33 Mini
R34 Twin

QS60 Standard

The basic model of the QS6 system. Main feature of this model is the high user comfort, due to the easy and smooth operation an of course the low noise chain control system.

Available Fabrics

Originals Natural 850
Originals Natural 857
Originals Natural 815
Originals 858
Originals Natural 220
Originals Natural 120
Originals Natural 236
EnviroScreen Natural 806 G2
EnviroScreen Natural 807 G2
EnviroScreen Natural 803 G2
EnviroScreen Natural 804 G2
Originals 816
Originals 812
EnviroScreen 805 G2
Originals 121
SilverScreen 205
Originals 849
EnviroScreen 802 G2
Originals 878
Originals 982